B-Grade Enamel Pin Mystery Bag

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3 B-grade Enamel Pins for one price! 
Each back will have 3 random pins (no duplicates in one bag)

May include any 3 of the following designs: 

  • Plumeria + Hibiscus Lei & Haku Corgi
  • Musubi Corgi
  • Origami Boat Corgi
  • Chonky Corgi
  • Banana Corgi
  • Chonky Boba Corgi
  • Plant Parent Corgi

 Not sure if you want 3 pins - select the 1 mystery pin option and try your chance at ONE of our pins! It’s a mystery! 💕

What is B-grade?

B-grade means there are small imperfections on the pin that make it not able to be sold at full price. The pins for the most part are still very functional and most errors are not visible at first glance. If you stare hard enough you'll be able to see the imperfections such as discoloration, smudges, missing enamel dots, enamel splatters or small nicks in the iron.