Boba Corgi Duffle Bag

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Introducing your new travel companion, the Boba Corgi Duffle Bag! With a boba corgi printed design, 6 different pockets, and various straps for easy carrying, this bag is perfect for a quick gym session, weekend trip, or carry on. Plus, it even has a wet bag and external pocket for convenience. Time to pack up and go!

Size: 45cm x 29cm x 25cm 
Features: Trolley Strap, Handle Strap, Short Straps & Detachable Long Strap. 
Zippered outer pocket on the front, zippered pocket on the back, velcro pocket on the front, velcro pocket on the side. 
Side zipper entrance to a dry/wet bag. 
Interior smaller zippered pocket. 
Nylon interior for easy cleaning