About the Owners

Corgi - Emi and Owner - Linsey

We are Linsey & Emi. Corgi mom & Corgi duo!

Emi is a spunky petit sable corgi who loves to play tug and run like the wind! When she's not blowing off steam she enjoys a nice slumber and basking in the cool Seattle sun. 

Corgi Mom - Linsey is a full time web developer in Seattle. Originating from Ewa Beach, Hawai'i, one of her dreams is to be able to create and sell her art to help bring happiness to others! Linsey’s art is influenced not only by her corgi but also by her experiences growing up as a mixed Asian-American. Growing up in a household that was backdropped by the immense Asian and Pacific Islander heritage that encapsulated Hawai’i, Linsey brings her own perspective to the table as someone who often times is unable to identify with just one Asian group. With parents who are culturally diverse in both blood and experience, Linsey hopes to channel that same culture and energy back into her art. 

Single Sploot started originally as a webtoon idea that transformed into a creative art outlet on Instagram. From there it spawned into what it is today - our small stationery business! We hope to produce a variety of products for you all like washi tape, lanyards, notepads and more in the future! 

What does Single Sploot mean?

  • It means exactly that - a single sploot. 

What is a sploot?

  • A sploot is a motion animals do when they lay down - they sploot. 

Why Single Sploot?

  • Ever since Emi was brought into our lives she has only splooted fully with both legs ONCE! She always does a single sploot - where she sploots with only one leg out. Single Sploot was manifested based on her characteristic to only sploot with one leg.